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Our Local Suppliers | Cornish Produce

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Blueberry pancakes on white plate with maple syrup and pink flowers

Good food is at the heart of our small weddings at Treseren, from the welcome feast on your first evening to home-cooked breakfasts throughout your stay. We make the most of growing our own herbs and edible flowers in Treseren’s three acres and feel very lucky to have lots of lovely farms and small businesses nearby who supply our local produce. From coffee beans and meat which come just from our local village, to Cornish spirits in our bar, we love to celebrate the Cornish treats on our doorstep. It’s not just food that comes under our radar. Everything from flowers to candles and the gorgeous hand made aromatherapy products we stock all come under our commitment to work with talented Cornish businesses.

Not only does this mean we provide high quality artisan offerings, but it means that wherever possible, we keep our food miles to an absolute minimum. We aim to be as sustainable as possible, and supporting our brilliant local suppliers and the small businesses they run, is part of our Treseren ethos. Here we have gathered some of the stories behind our lovely local suppliers.

L George Butchers

This family run farm and butchers has been in St Newlyn East for over 100 years, so could not be closer to us. Throughout your stay at Treseren we offer L George Butchers’ meat, which is the very best in terms of quality and food miles. From crispy back bacon for breakfast, to free range and organic roast chicken or seared beef with salsa verde served for your welcome meal, we certainly think you taste the difference.

Chocolarder Chocolate

Chocolarder is the only bean-to-bar chocolate makers based in Cornwall, of only a handful in the UK. Where possible, all of their ingredients are local to their base in Falmouth. Their machines have been saved from all over the world and transported to their factory here in Cornwall. They roast the beans in an antique roaster restored by the team and sourced in France where it had been used to roast hazelnuts. Before tempering, the chocolate is given 40 days to mature in flavour. We definitely can tell!

Quay Coffee Company

Minimising their impact on the environment is important to Quay Coffee Company. And, since they are based just in the village, we feel pretty good about where our brews come from. Their packaging is bio-degradable and for every kilogram of coffee sold, Quay Coffee Company donate 40p to The Final Straw Cornwall. Their rich and caramelly coffee tastes great too, so that is a bonus!

Tregida Smoked Salmon

One of our luxurious breakfast options at Treseren, why not opt for smoked salmon with softly scrambled eggs. We serve it simply with a wedge of lemon to make the salmon sing. Smoked in the North Cornwall countryside, their fish really is fresh. It isn’t just us who love it – Tregida have even won Gold at the Taste of the West awards.

Gorse Bakery

We were thrilled when Gorse Bakery relocated even closer to us, just 5 minutes away at Lanteague, a community of studios for small businesses. Their freshly baked sourdough loaves are delicious. Alongside Cornish cheeses, Cornish olives and plenty more, Gorse sourdough can feature on the lunch platters we offer for wedding days.

Keynvor Candles

Also based at the Lanteague Space literally across the field from us, Keynvor Candles are a sustainable choice for more reasons than one. With the ocean and nature at their heart, Keynvor are an entirely plastic free company. Their soy candles are rich and complex; a combination of frankincense, violets and amber is a particular favourite of ours. Batches of candles are regularly commissioned for Treseren. Hand poured and blended by the creator Brad, this is a new and very small artisan candle company which we love to support. 

Bloom Remedies Toiletries

Handmade in West Cornwall, Bloom Remedies’ luxurious soaps and lotions scent all of the bathrooms at Treseren. Marie Hall, Bloom Remedies’ founder, is an aromatherapist and has been behind their toiletries for over a decade. Nature is at their heart, and essential oils, herbal extracts and organic base oils come together, lending a gorgeous fragrance to your wedding stay. We love the Serenity hand & body wash and lotion, and their relaxing pulse point roll on and sleep mist. These feel absolutely right for wedding day preparations for a relaxed and happy day. 

West Country Fruit and Veg

With roots going back to 1856, West Country’s heritage underlies their appreciation for seasonal, local produce. We love cooking with fresh fruit and veggies for our sharing feasts; highlights including caponata stuffed red peppers and our beetroot salad with whipped feta. At breakfast, we lay out fruit platters with summer strawberries and raspberries, and you could tuck into fresh blueberry pancakes too.

Trewithen Dairy

Right in the heart of Cornwall, this family farm’s small herd produce delicious dairy products, supplying our milk and butter. Trewithen won a few Taste of the West awards last year and we can tell. Lots of guests comment on how good the butter is down here!

On our doorstep…

We feel very lucky to be in a beautiful rural spot, and make the most of our abundant gardens. We pick seasonal flowers from the gardens to put around the house to welcome our guests. From beautiful camelias in early spring, to daffodils which line our driveway in March, with spring bluebells leading on to vivid crocosmia in summer. Our garden blooms make the house beautiful and welcoming, and since they grow just steps away, this is the most ecologically friendly way of dressing Treseren with flowers.

We have seven varieties of apples in our small orchard which we bake in delicious apple crumbles in autumn and put some dried into our granola or atop festive cocktails. We also are planning to create our own Treseren apple juice for breakfast… watch this space! 

Treseren Homemade Treats

Before you tuck into your cooked breakfasts at Treseren, we lay the table with homemade offerings. Emma’s dad, Gary, makes delicious jams to spread on sourdough toast. Blackberry and apple or elderflower and gooseberry are seasonal favourites, and his recipes have been going strong since they ran their five-star B&B in Padstow.

Our kitchen smells incredible when there is a batch of our granola toasting in the oven. Cinnamon, coconut and crunchy nuts and seeds are the culprits!

We grow lots of herbs in the Treseren gardens to cook with. A sprinkle of chives top our scrambled eggs, and rosemary seasons hasselback potatoes; one offering at our welcome meals. We also grow sweet edible flowers to adorn our cocktails and mocktails, as well as mint for refreshing mojitos. We even make the ginger, raspberry and demerara syrups for our cocktails from scratch.

Loveday Gin

Distilled on the South coast in Falmouth, this gin of course has pride of place in our bar, Lovedays. Old friends at Loveday Distillery make their sustainable spirits using fresh and foraged local produce. Golden Hour gin is distilled with grapefruit, cardamom and pink peppercorn, lending its peachy hue and hint of sweetness. We think their Falmouth Dry gin is great just with tonic, or with flavours of ginger and lavender in our ‘Tin Miner’s Daughter’ cocktail.

Rosemullion Rum

Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty near to the Helford River, this certainly inspires some good rum. A family run business, Rosemullion Distillery use seasonal fruit from their own orchard and vines. They keep their rum artisanal, only making 100 bottles at a time by hand using their bespoke copper still. We love their spiced rum in our ‘Poldark and Stormy’, paired with ginger beer, lime and grapefruit.

Cornish Orchards

The refreshing ciders we have in Lovedays Bar come from the heritage orchard at Cornish Orchards, in Liskeard. They planted three orchards in 1992, with the aim to rejuvenate traditional apple orchards, and nurture birds and wildlife. On a warm day, a glass of raspberry and elderflower cider goes down particularly well…

Camel Valley

Camel Valley have been making world-class wines since 1989, on the sun-drenched slopes near Camel River. They are a founder member of Sustainable Wines of Great Britain, committed to minimising their carbon footprint and protecting the vineyard soils and biodiversity. At Treseren’s small weddings, there is the offer to raise a glass of Camel Valley sparkling wine: a real celebration of your Cornish wedding.



Nellie is Events and Marketing Assistant at Treseren. She loves chatting to lots of lovely guests and taking in the atmosphere at our beautiful weddings, inspiring ideas for content afterwards. Previously a chalet host, she enjoys cooking up breakfasts and watching the chefs' creations on the wedding day. She loves exploring Cornwall and, if not in the kitchen or cocktail bar, she can probably be found in the sea!

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