Accessibility at Treseren

Treseren is Grade II listed and whilst honouring the history of the house and preserving original features is a priority, we are striving to make access to the building and our small weddings as good as possible. We want all our couples and their guests to feel welcomed and will do our utmost wherever we can to accommodate those with particular needs. 


Mobility/Vision/Hearing/Autism, learning and other additional needs

For assistance prior to arrival, please contact us at or 01872 719654. For out of office hours support, please contact Emma’s mobile on 07808581847.

We want to welcome you and have everything in place for your individual needs and so we invite communication ahead of arrival. If you are considering Treseren as your wedding venue, please call or email us ahead of your visit so we can ensure we are prepared to greet you and have done all we can for your ease and comfort. If you are a wedding guest, then it is highly likely that the wedding couple will have informed us of your needs, but we would be delighted to have a personal conversation directly.

Book an accessible guided virtual tour of Treseren

You can view a virtual tour of the house and grounds here, with 360 degree views. To enable a more thorough understanding of how rooms and spaces link outside to in and the route to our ground floor en suite bedroom and bathroom facility we would invite you to book a guided virtual tour to discuss and view the access arrangements.

Please email us at and we would be delighted to help. Our guided accessibility tour is a video call and lasts approximately 20-30 minutes.

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The front entrance has 2 steps; a wheelchair accessible ramp can be put in place with prior warning. Cars can pull right up to the front door to drop off passengers. Disabled parking spaces are available to the side of the house. These spaces are unmarked and a member of the Treseren team will direct you. Treseren team are always here to greet arrivals and help with luggage.



We have 1 ground floor bedroom with ensuite bathroom which is wheelchair accessible. It is currently arranged with a bath which is of standard height. Please note, work is planned to make this a fully accessible bathroom with features to include a level walk in shower, grab rails and accessible basin and toilet. This is due for completion Autum/Winter 2024/2025 therefore if your visit is planned after this date it is likely we can offer a fully accessible facility. Please contact to confirm this and to discuss your individual needs.


Ceremony and celebration spaces

The Cocktail Bar, Wedding Room and Reception Rooms are all on the ground floor. The gardens are accessible from the front of the house, giving virtually level access to the outside ceremony spaces. There is one small slope to the upper terrace gardens but no steps to navigate.

An internal ramp can be placed in The Wedding Room to enable ease of access for wheelchair users to flow out to the external upper terrace where we hold our drinks receptions.


Vision Impairment support

We can provide a magnifying glass for reading smaller text in our in room guides. Our wedding co-ordinator would also be delighted to talk you through everything from the logistics and timings of the weekend to our breakfast menu and importantly fire evacuation policy and exits. We have bright emergency lights in the hallways. Please flag with our co-ordinator if your vision is very restricted and you are unable to see lights and exits so that they can put a plan in place with you for safe evacuation in the event of a fire.


Hearing Impairment Support

A portable hearing loop system is available on request – we use a portable microphone transmitter which can be worn by our team hosting the event and the Registrar or Celebrant leading a ceremony to enable a better experience for hard of hearing guests attending a Treseren wedding.

Please contact us ahead of arrival to ensure that our system will work for your needs. If you would like the wedding coordinator to be wearing it for arrival we will be happy to do so and enable our welcome and  familiarisation with Treseren. If this would assist you to hear the wedding ceremony, we will liaise with the Cornwall Registration service to enable this.


Autism and Learning Needs

All front of house team have regular training which includes disability awareness training. There are quieter spaces in the house if you would prefer a more tranquil environment. If you are staying as an overnight guest, we recommend Skye Cottage which has both a ground floor ensuite bedroom and an upstairs apartment accommodation in the quieter wing of the house.


Emergency Procedures for Guests with Special Requirements

To help us make your stay as comfortable as possible, please would you inform us on arrival if your answer is ‘No’ to any of the following questions:

  • Would you be able to hear a fire alarm bell ringing during the day or night?
  • Would you be able to leave your room quickly and unaided in the event of an emergency?
  • Have you informed us of any disabilities or special requirements you may have that could affect your visit to Treseren?

This information is then shared with all staff, so that the appropriate steps can be taken to alert guests to the existence of an emergency and to assist guests in a safe evacuation of the building.

If you would like to discuss any of the information on this page in more detail, please contact us at or 01872 719654.