Why You Should Book Wedding Childcare | A Stress Free Small Wedding in Cornwall

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Two mini bridesmaids playing with wooden toys with wedding childcare

Introducing Elsie from North Cornwall Childcare

We recently met with Elsie from North Cornwall Childcare who is setting up a new and really special wedding childcare service for weddings in Cornwall. She is literally up the road from Treseren and we are so delighted to be linking up with her so we can offer her services to couples getting married with us. Elsie is warm and friendly, and we loved the flexibility of her approach.

As a fully insured and fully-qualified Nanny, Elsie can cater for anything from looking after young babies whilst their parents are getting ready and during their ceremony, to fully equipped wedding childcare creches with toys, books and games for wedding parties where there are many children to entertain.

Taking away any stress at your small, intimate wedding with wedding childcare 

When it comes to your wedding, it’s so important to have time to relax, get ready and enjoy the day. At small, intimate weddings we feel this is just as important as at big, busy events – if not, more important! A small wedding is intimate and personal, and our big aim at Treseren is that it should be relaxed and stress free. Children can enjoy their day just as much as you if they are having fun.

Elsie can take away any potential stress by looking after your children – keeping them safe and occupied during your special day. A stress free wedding day for you and happy children is the aim!

Elsie is qualified in First Aid, is DBS checked and her degree in Early Childhood means that she’s got the experience and knowledge to ensure that children are well cared for, entertained and most of all, can have fun, safely.

North Cornwall Childcare’s brilliant array of toys and dens

We invited Elsie to Treseren with her lovely little girl, Olivia to join our daughter, Georgia in the gardens to play. It was a beautiful, sunny day and she set up her tipi play dens, toys and books on the lawn for the children to enjoy. As the daughter of a primary school teacher, I could see the brilliance of her approach. Each set of toys were arranged on different play mats so the children could flow from one activity to another as interesting things caught their eye.

Elsie quickly set up a rapport with Georgia and the girls had great fun exploring all the games and reading lots of books.

child in bridesmaid dress playing with wooden toys at small country wedding

We were joined by Grace from Photography with Grace who captured some lovely moments. She has a winning way with children herself, and her speciality is natural portraiture photography of families and children. Take a look at her website and Instagram when you get a chance! We’ve included lots of the great shots Grace took of Elsie looking after Olivia and Georgia within this blog post.

Wedding childcare tipi and garden games

Play areas for children at Treseren

As well as playing with the toys that Elsie provided, the girls also explored the gardens and organic play area at Treseren. 
We are a child friendly venue, and it’s always great to see the children swinging on the rope swings and climbing the low branches of the walnut tree. Even little Olivia managed to walk along the balance log with some help from Elsie and Georgia.

Children playing in wooden play area at small wedding

Should I book childcare for my wedding day?

We chatted to Elsie about her services and what she can offer, along with the benefits to you for a stress-free, happy wedding day for you and your children, and the children invited along to your special day.

Here’s a round up!

What age range do you cater for?

I have a number of year’s experience of working with children in nurseries, hospitals and hotel kid’s clubs, I’m used to working with a range of ages from birth to teens. I’m creative and I love to see children happy and enjoying their playtime.

What are the main benefits to booking childcare for a wedding?

  •  I can help with getting children ready, supervise them throughout the day, overnight and into the next morning as required
  • You can enjoy your day/evening, even having a drink, knowing your children are being safely looked after and are also having fun
  • I’m based onsite at Treseren, so children can be checked on whenever and I can quickly come and find parents in an emergency
  • I’m able to tailor Crèche and Nanny Packages to fit whatever event you are planning
  • I can act as a base camp for children who need to have some calm time or rest
  • I can occupy children during the ceremony, or attend with them at the ceremony and occupy them for any speeches or other special moments in the day
  • I can provide age appropriate games, toys and crafts to ensure everyone enjoys their day
  • I can work to your own colour scheme or any theme to make sure younger guests still feel part of the celebrations
  • I’m very happy to meet families and children before the event date (if appropriate) so children know me and are comfortable with spending time with me on the day

What childcare services do you offer?

Wedding nanny

Myself to look after and care for children either for the full day from getting ready in the morning until the end of the evening reception, or for a few hours e.g. whilst the ceremony/speeches are happening – if you will require activities for your children you are able to add on activity packs or request that the nanny brings age appropriate toys (additional charges may apply)


Evening childcare including putting children to bed and remaining with them until parents return from the evening reception

Creche (for multiple children)

A fully equipped wedding creche including craft, games, toys, books, cosy area (all age appropriate for children attending)

Overnight care (accommodation will need to be provided)

Like babysitting but will continue the care of the children throughout the night allowing parents to have a drink and enjoy themselves

“Hangover help”

Care for children first thing in the morning until parents are wake/ready – useful for recovery from hangovers or for guests needing to pack up cars.

Activity packs

Activity packs (similar to party bags) can be provided for all children or alongside a wedding nanny, likely to include – a craft, puzzles, activity book, pencils/crayons – all can be tailored towards specific themes or personalised (additional charges may apply for personalisation)

bridesmaid wearing flower crown at small Cornwall garden wedding

We loved our day with Elsie at Treseren. We are so happy to be able to offer her service at Treseren, to ensure your wedding day is stress free and full of happy children with maximum fun and enjoyment for everyone.

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Photography by Photography With Grace

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