Our Values: People

People are at the heart of what we do. From looking after our holiday guests, to helping a couple on their planning journey to create a special wedding that feels just right for them, we are focused on making sure we have thought of everything to create the best experience.

We have a small, dedicated team and we are committed to creating a happy environment.

We value the input and the skills the team bring, along with some brilliant partners to help create the right atmosphere and enhance the setting at Treseren.

Holywell Bay Cornwall blue sea and sand dunes

Our Values: Planet

We live in an area of outstanding beauty and we want to help preserve this for all future generations.

As a family, we usually end a walk at our local beach in a 2 minute beach clean challenge and it is both surprising and saddening what we can collect in this short period. Sadly plastic, the biggest global threat to the environment and wildlife is always a prominent find.

We are proud to be a plastic free site at Treseren supporting the local ‘Last Straw’ campaign which means we only offer paper straws at celebrations.

Our Values: Wildlife

At Treseren we are connected to nature with the changing seasons and wildlife. We often wake up to pheasants wandering through the garden and squirrels running up the trees.

Our gardens are full of flowering shrubs and unusual exotic plant varieties which are not only beautiful to look at, but a haven for bees.

A local bee keeper with a small, artisan honey making business has been keeping bees in Treseren’s top field for many years and occasionally pops in with a jar for us to enjoy.

We are pleased and proud to continue this relationship and encourage the bees, butterflies and wildlife to enjoy this beautiful environment.