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Loveday’s Cocktail Menu | For Small Weddings with Style

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ellen's Fancy cocktail with menu

We are so delighted to finally have reopened and begun to host beautiful small weddings once more. We have made good use of our time during lockdowns, adding exciting new elements to Treseren weddings – a silver lining to couples who have been forced to postpone. In Lockdown 1.0, our project was adding a lavish cocktail bar complete with gold ceiling in what was once our storeroom, and we are beyond excited to have now developed our bespoke cocktail menu.

Person pouring cocktailWe looked to the glitz and glamour of the 1920’s Great Gatsby era when designing the cocktail bar, and much like the interior decor, to create the cocktail menu we have taken classic cocktails but added our own Treseren twist, inspired by the house’s rich history. Once owned by a Cornish Mine Captain, our inspirations were rooted in romantic tales of fortunes being made, of vibrant dinner parties and great love stories never told. To transform these romantic notions into a bespoke menu, we enlisted the help of mixology expert Alex from North Coast Wine.

After creating the menu, we gathered some of the Treseren team to test and refine our cocktail making skills. Everyone was keen to get stuck in and of course do the laborious job of tasting and tweaking all of the cocktail recipes! We were very lucky to have Alex on board, who not only helped us develop the menu but also trained the whole team on how to make each cocktail.
We always use local ingredients where possible, so as well as using Cornish spirits and mixers behind the bar, we made our own naturally flavoured sugar syrups from scratch, and even foraged herbs and edible flowers from the Treseren gardens.

After much shaking, mixing, pouring and the all-important tasting, we finally found the perfect ratios to get our cocktails tasting amazing. We are so thrilled to be able to finally share our menu and the inspiration behind each cocktail with you.

Mint Julep and lady's sidecar cocktailLoveday’s Cocktail Bar Menu


Poldark n’Stormy

We couldn’t not name one of our cocktails after Treseren’s Mine Captain house history. This upgraded version of the classic ‘Dark n’ Stormy’ brings a deep warmth from spiced rum and an added zing from grapefruit juice, making it perfect for both sunny and stormy days.

Spiced rum, grapefruit juice, brown sugar, nutmeg, ginger beer.

Tin Miner’s Daughter

The mining heritage behind Treseren comes to fruition in this old-fashioned American Cocktail with a Cornish twist. This light and refreshing cocktail truly brings in the Cornish environment, with the use of locally made Cornish gin, and home grown lavender straight out of our garden. This really is spring in a drink.

Cornish gin, ginger, lemon, honey, lavender

Lady’s Sidecar

With the decoration of the cocktail bar being so much inspired by the Great Gatsby, this elegant ‘sipper’ from the roaring 20’s just had to be included. Of course, we had to put our little Treseren touch to it, adding some orange juice to give it a more fruity flavour.

Cognac, Triple Sec, orange, lemon

Mint Julep

Thought to have orginated from the Kentucky Derby in the 30’s, this short is laced with boozy bourbon and mint, giving you a fresh and delicious cocktail with a gorgeous green colour.

Bourbon, mint, sugar

Ellen's Fancy cocktail


Loveday’s Passion

This cocktail which is dedicated to Loveday Champion, who was one of the first residents of the house, is a spin on a much-loved cocktail. This passionfruit cocktail, with the addition of a pinch of cinnamon, is a delicious fruity choice and is, perhaps, just a little bit too easy to drink.

Vodka, passionfruit liqueur, passionfruit, lime, sugar, cinnamon, Prosecco

1583 Martini

1583 was the year that coffee originated in England, which allowed us to have this version of the Espresso Martini today. This slightly more indulgent cocktail, is the perfect late-night pick-me-up which will have you partying on into the night.

Vodka, coffee liqueur, coffee, sugar


Charleston Fizz

Keeping with the Great Gatsby inspiration this 1920’s botanical garden party cocktail is the perfect afternoon drink. The delightful pink colour makes it almost too pretty to drink.

Gin, elderflower liqueur, grapefruit, tarragon, sugar, soda

Ellen’s Fancy

This elegant cocktail is inspired by the classic ‘French 75’ cocktail, with a beautiful hint of rose. Named after Ellen Middleton, Captain Middleton’s wife and resident of the house in the 1850s, this is the perfect celebratory cocktail.

Rose liqueur, Prosecco, lemon



Garden Sparkler

Not leaving anyone out, we’ve created this stunning mocktail. It’s refreshing and fruity flavour is only enhanced by the gorgeous fuchsia colour from the homemade raspberry syrup and edible flowers;  truly giving it the wow-factor everyone wants on their wedding day.

Raspberry, lemon, elderflower

Distinguished Guest

This sophisticated mocktail is a great no-booze option. A mix of cranberry juice, lime and salt, gives it a flavour not too dissimilar to the popular cosmopolitan.

Cranberry juice, lime, cucumber, salt

If these are as tempting to you as they are to us, but you’re wanting to have that added punch of booze, then be our guest and ‘Pimp your Mocktail’ by adding either a shot of Vodka or Gin.

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Zoe Meads

Zoe Meads

Zoe is very interested in art, cooking and all things creative. Loves helping Emma and the team with creating a magical day for our couples.

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