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Loveday Gin | Artisan Gin Made in Cornwall

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Since its creation during Lockdown, Loveday’s Cocktail Bar has quickly become a popular highlight at Treseren weddings, and we have so enjoyed the evolving creation of this exciting space. We always support independent local businesses wherever possible, so of course the bar is stocked with a selection of Cornwall’s finest artisan drinks. So, when we heard about a new Cornish gin called Loveday, it seemed like a connection that was meant to be. Loveday is the creation of great friends Daisy, Ruth and Chloe who combined their shared knowledge and experience to concoct award-winning gin recipes at their distillery near Falmouth. We chatted to Chloe to learn more –

Our cocktail bar is named after Loveday Champion who resided at Treseren in the 1840’s – we would love to know how you came upon choosing the name?

That is a brilliant connection! We just kept coming back to it – the story of where it came from is completely magnetic, as I’m sure you well know – Days of settling disputes and restoring peace in the middle ages were SO celebrated they came to be known as ‘Lovedays’, which in turn became a name given to newborns. This tradition stuck particularly in Cornwall. Getting together to celebrate is surely what a darn good drink should be all about, and there’s a beautiful but understated Cornish connection there. Perfect!

Tell us a little bit about the journey that led you to making gin?

The idea of working together to create a distillery had been brewing for some time, and as it happens, the upheaval of lockdown during the summer madness that was 2020 was just what galvanised us into action. The three of us have known each other for god knows how many years, and our shared knowledge and experience in food preparation, recipe development, food science, alcohol production and design were screaming to be put to better use. We actually set the distillery up to make organic rum (which we have sat in barrels!), but got completely and happily waylaid with gin. It isn’t bound by the same rigid traditions as most coloured spirits like rum or whiskey, so for two chefs developing recipes, gin felt like a playground!

Tell us about your gin making process and how you create the flavours in your gin?

It’s a bit of an overused phrase – but making smaller batches really does allow you to capture the brightest flavours and easily keep an eye on quality control.

Daisy is the flavour department, and she says it’s all about the flavour library – a shelf of 60 or so individually distilled plants and botanicals that she can draw from when recipe developing – adding to base distillations of dried botanicals, like you might add herbs and seasonings in the kitchen. Both Falmouth Dry and Golden Hour are made by distilling dried botanicals such as juniper, coriander and orris into a ‘base’ and then adding ‘tinktures’ afterwards. Foraged rock samphire to falmouth Dry, and Rose hips to Golden Hour for example.

We are big fans of the Loveday Golden Hour Gin – tell us about the inspiration behind this?

Thank you for saying so! That gorgeous soft, evening light that is asking to accompany your catch ups in the garden or at the kitchen table. The peachy sky and golden, long shadows that appear at that specific time of the day, that comes at the end of the day… that’s what we were excited about, and wanted to capture in a gin.

What signature cocktail using Loveday’s Gin would you suggest for a wedding day?

A Cardamom Collins would be perfect for a Golden Hour wedding cocktail! Blush pink, aromatic and bitter sweet – a basic collins made with cardamom syrup and a slice of grapefruit.

We all love cocktails but sometimes a classic gin and tonic can’t be beaten – what are your top tips for mixing one?

Avoid light tonic! Honestly, it’s the real sugar rather than artificial sweetener that gives the full flavour and rounded mouth feel. We love the Navas premium tonic.

We stock your Falmouth Dry and Golden Hour Gin in Loveday’s Bar so our guests can enjoy your gin on a Treseren wedding day, where else can it be found?

We love that you do, thank you so much! Loveday is in most pubs, bars and licenced shops in and around Falmouth and we also sell through our website.


Chloe also joined Emma in Loveday’s Bar for an all important gin tasting – you can watch the video here.



Izzy is Treseren's Marketing and Events Manager. When she's not busy helping couples plan their perfect small wedding, she can be found exploring the Cornish countryside and finding the best vegan food spots. With a background in fashion design, she loves styling weddings and is passionate about beautiful wedding dresses!

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