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Live Music at Small Weddings | Scenic Route

By 21 March 2021 No Comments
Live music duo Scenic Route

We’re often asked if live music works at small weddings, and our answer is always a resounding yes! One of the most magical things about a small wedding is the real connection between each and every person there, and live music on a small scale only adds to this atmosphere, whether you choose to have your favourite song played as you walk down the aisle, or have live music accompany your al fresco drinks reception on the terrace.

Acoustic duo Scenic Route are one of our favourite live music acts and have performed at many beautiful Treseren weddings, so we caught up with Jenna and Steve to learn a little bit more about them, their music and why they love playing at small weddings.

How long have Scenic Route been playing as a duo? Tell us your story of how it all began

We have been performing together now for about 7 years. We met through mutual friends that put us in touch as we were both in different bands at the time and looking to try something new. The first song we jammed to was ‘Rhiannon’ by Fleetwood Mac as we are both huge fans of the classics. A couple of weeks later we had a setlist and were performing at local open mic nights. We wrote an EP and started performing at various events and festivals around Cornwall such as Boardmasters and local bars & restaurants. We ventured into weddings shortly after, performing at friends weddings. We would then get recommended to friends of friends and friends of their friends and realised that our music was very much suited to that scene. We’ve been performing at weddings & events for 4 years now and absolutely love what we do.

What do you love most about playing at weddings?

Behind every wedding is a love story and every love story is so unique. Just being a part of a couple’s big day is really special. Music is one of the biggest triggers of sense memory and reaches a part of the brain that evokes emotions & nostalgia. When performing our music, we create an ambience that sits perfectly within that space and becomes something that people will remember for a long time to come. Every wedding is so different and unique in its own way, and it’s really lovely to be a part of that story.

Most couples book us with the intention of entertaining their guests but what we are actually doing is providing the soundtrack to that special event.

What is special about playing at small weddings?

We performed at a range of small weddings last year throughout the pandemic, from 30 people down to just the bride & groom. The atmosphere was so chilled, the couples were able to relax and enjoy being in the present moment without feeling overwhelmed. Every couple we spoke to said that their re-arranged smaller wedding was so much more amazing than what they had planned originally on a larger scale. There was so much love within that space and everyone was so happy to just be there. That’s exactly what weddings should be about and if we can take one good thing from this pandemic, it’s valuing what is important.

What are the options for couples who are considering booking Scenic Route for their wedding?

Couples have a range of options to consider. We offer packages for any part of the day which would benefit from the accompaniment of live music. Our most popular package is our ceremony & drinks reception package which includes a free song commission which is a lovely way to personalise their ceremony. If couples have a special song in mind, we will learn it and perform it for them at any point they choose during their ceremony.

Where is your favourite spot to set up at Treseren?

We loved performing on the terrace last year, it was beautiful. The sun was shining and the family dogs were lounging in the sun whilst guests were mingling, it was such a lovely relaxed atmosphere. We even performed the music for an impromptu first dance on the lawn! We also set up in the drawing room for a winter elopement last year with just the couple and their two daughters. That’s also a really lovely space to play as it’s so cosy, like a little retreat room where you can just relax and listen to some music. The children were dancing whilst the couple were enjoying a celebratory drink and canapés, it was lovely.

Do you have any advice for those couples struggling to decide on what music they would like to start the ceremony?

We always work closely with our couples to ensure the music is just right and how they imagined. Some couples know exactly what songs they would like and the vibe they are going for and other couples like a little inspiration. We always send over setlist examples to give an idea of where the music will come in and some song ideas that would work nicely, which tends to put couples at ease as it can be overwhelming. From planning our own wedding, I would say just don’t force it and let it all come together naturally. If couples are struggling to decide, we can prepare a setlist for them based on a couple of their song choices and put together a lineup of songs which we feel would work well to create the right ambience for that particular moment.

Are there any memorable moments or highlights from weddings you have played at Treseren?

Steve’s favourite moment was from a lovely couple’s wedding last year, Adam & Rosin. They wanted a special song performed instrumentally for their ceremony and guitar and voice for their drinks reception. Due to restrictions, they could only have 6 people at the wedding and decided to live stream the ceremony to their friends and family back home. During the ceremony, there was a lot of interaction between the guests at the event and the guests at home and it felt very relaxed and lighthearted. Everyone had a laugh in between, it wasn’t forced, it just flowed. Steve particularly recalls the groom introducing him to his virtual guests saying “we’ve even got Peter Andre here playing guitar”, Steve played some tunes for them at home and everyone gave a big cheer. My absolute favourite moment was at that same wedding performing Adam & Rosin’s first dance on the lawn. The sun was shining, everyone was so happy and relaxed, it was just such a perfect moment to be a part of.

Jenna and Steve also joined us on IGTV for a Friday night drink and played some acoustic music for us – you can catch up on our short video here.

If you would like to chat to Scenic Route about playing at your wedding, you can contact them here.


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