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How To Entertain Guests At A Micro Wedding

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One of the lovely things about having a magical small wedding is that because your guests are you nearest and dearest, they are most likely to know each other and get on easily. At Treseren, we specialise in micro weddings and every celebration has a special, uniquely relaxed atmosphere and flow to the day. So, whilst you do not have to try hard to ensure that all your guests enjoy a memorable day with you, some additional entertainment can absolutely add to a fun day for all. To give some inspiration for entertaining guests on your wedding day, here are our tried and tested ideas.

Garden Games

During the spring and summer months at Treseren, we set up an array of garden games to be enjoyed across our two- or three- night wedding stays. There are three distinct lawns, so there is always a designated games lawn even when one of our outdoors ceremony spaces is chosen. Table tennis has become a hall marker for Treseren weddings and Giant Jenga is also popular with children and adults alike. Croquet on the lawn is always a good idea, and tends to get quite competitive… We think it is lovely, in the afternoon after your wedding ceremony, to return from a beach trip to your guests all playing games outside.

Live Music

Having a talented musician or group play during your wedding day brings a wonderful energy to the day. Whilst an 8-piece brass band would feel like slight overkill, our live music recommendations work perfectly to entertain a petite guest list. One choice for the occasion, the Cornwall Quartet play exquisite classical pieces to jazz, folk, rock or pop covers. You really do have the freedom to choose whatever music best celebrates your wedding day, and a small wedding makes for an intimate and personal set. For instance, acoustic duo Steve and Jenna, Scenic Route, can curate the perfect set list with you. And they often take requests from wedding guests, including for an encore!

Music can feature at whichever point during the day you feel is right. It is particularly magical post ceremony to enjoy during celebratory drinks and canapés. Talented harpist Ruth played during Lucy and Ryan’s ceremony and through the afternoon of their autumnal wedding, her beautiful music floating through the house. With everyone gathered round whilst Ruth played her harp or our beautiful Bechstein piano, a few of Lucy and Ryan’s family and friends joined in, singing alongside her. We are sure that this special, impromptu jam will be remembered by all. No matter if your guests are not feeling brave – what a treat just to sit back and soak up the instrumentals.

Live music gets every foot tapping, if not up and dancing. Live music is not a must for everyone on their wedding day, in which case we can play music through our speakers to set whatever mood you would like. There is always the option to curate your own personalised playlist ahead of your wedding day. We encourage you to build the soundtrack of your day from getting ready in the morning through to afternoon and evening drinks, and have an upbeat playlist in the evening if you fancy. A collaborative playlist is one lovely way to mark the day, and you can enjoy your wedding day soundtrack for years to come.

Bespoke cocktails…

A luxurious hangout during the wedding day, lots of guests find themselves frequenting Lovedays bar. Whilst our bespoke list of Cornish cocktails are ever popular, you could decide to add to the fun with personalised cocktails. As well as the traditional flute of fizz, there is the option to say cheers with cocktails of your choosing. Our ‘Garden Sparkler’ mocktail, adorned with homegrown edible flowers and served in a martini glass is a beautiful alternative for those preferring to avoid an alcoholic drink.

… and canapés!

Food is of course a very important part of a wedding day and one special thing about a small wedding is that extra attention can be paid to the food. If delicious food is important to you, with bespoke options and exquisite attention to detail for a smaller guestlist, this can really become a focal point, celebrated during the day. Some couples choose to mark their day with a private dining occasion, treating their guests to a 7 course tasting menu. We can create a beautifully designed table scape, and you can have bespoke calligraphy menus as a keepsake. Whatever menu you choose, the chefs that we partner with at Treseren put these together to an incredibly high standard, and guests often tell us that their meal was the most delicious they have had at a wedding.

The wonderful chefs never fail to create exquisite canapés, stirring up some more excitement. Following the ceremony, guests flow from the wedding room to the drawing room for drinks and canapés or take in the gardens during an al fresco drinks reception.

If you fancy a real Cornish celebration, we can arrange a cream tea in the afternoon of your wedding. A refreshing cup of tea usually hits the spot in the afternoon. This is lovely enjoyed all gathered in the sitting room, or equally delightful when set up on the lawn or terrace. The only non-negotiable: in Cornwall the clotted cream goes on top!

Flicksbox Photobooth

With the Flicksbox retro photobooth, you can don a huge hat and some funky glasses with your guests, and everyone can take some fun polaroid photos home with them. Tilley, an upcycled gas lamp, has had an upgrade and like magic, prints appear from its cool vintage trunk in under 30 seconds. A wedding album, made even more personal with coloured pens, can take shape throughout your wedding day. Guests can also download all of the photos from the booth so you can keep and share these after the wedding.

Crosswords, Caricaturists, Close up magicians

You can take the reins with creating games ahead of your wedding day, based all around getting to know you (and perhaps each other) even better. Having a personalised crossword for your guests to figure out together whilst you are busy having couple photos can be great entertainment during the day. We can recommend a blown up version which we set up on an easel for your guests to enjoy. Alternatively, the ‘Shoe Game’ always goes down well. If you aren’t familiar, this is how it works: the couple has one of their shoes in one hand and their partner’s in the other. Guests chip in with questions and the couple answer by holding up the chosen shoe – for example ‘who is the better cook?’ or ‘who is the early riser?’.

If you want to have a professional take the entertainment into their hands, we have welcomed caricaturists or talented close up magicians to Treseren before. We are more than happy to offer recommendations for talented entertainers who will leave your guests thoroughly impressed.

Entertaining Children

If children are part of your guestlist, wedding favours are a great opportunity to put together entertainment packs for them to get creative throughout the day. Younger guests will also enjoy playing with the lovely toys at Treseren, as well as in the gardens…

Adventure Playground

At Treseren, we have an organic play area, made from sustainably grown wood, complete with tyre swing and rope walkway. There is a real air of adventure and fun in the play area, where children can play together and let off some steam. 

There is also the option of putting up our bell tent to create a child friendly zone with cushions, a toy ice cream parlour and tool station. This is the perfect den for storytelling, and there is also a café so children can get baking and knowing that the children are happily curled up together. If you would like childcare support during the day, we can always make recommendations.

Vintage Children’s Toys

When the weather is not playing ball, or for younger children wanting to take themselves off for some indoor playing, we have train tracks and a vintage toy car. Family members sometimes find themselves roped into steering, and often there is entertainment to be had for everyone else as well.

The Firepit

As the night draws in, we light the firepit and everyone tends to gather round, getting cosy under blankets, toasting marshmallows and swapping highlights from the day. This is usually a good moment for a cup of tea or coffee by the warmth of the fire, or a round of evening drinks. For one or two guests, sitting by the firepit is often a welcome chance for some fresh air and a moment of calm whilst the evening is in full flow inside. 

We are always so happy to chat about different options for entertaining guests whilst planning your wedding day which is totally special for you and your guests. If you have any questions, ideas, or would love to start planning your Treseren wedding together, please do get in touch. We think that the beauty of a small wedding at Treseren is getting to spend quality time with your loved ones across a long, relaxed stay, and there are many moments of magic however you choose for your wedding day to flow.


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Nellie is the Sustainability and Events Coordinator at Treseren. She loves chatting to lots of lovely guests and taking in the atmosphere at our beautiful weddings, inspiring ideas for content afterwards. Previously a chalet host, she enjoys cooking up breakfasts and watching the chefs' creations on the wedding day. She loves exploring Cornwall and, if not in the kitchen or cocktail bar, she can probably be found in the sea!

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