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Dog Friendly Wedding Venue in Cornwall | Your stay

By 11 February 2023 August 4th, 2023 No Comments
Bride kissing dog at dog friendly wedding venue

At Treseren, we understand that a dog is a part of the family and that for some couples, they cannot imagine their wedding day without their beloved four-legged friend at their side. We have always been a dog friendly wedding venue and have loved welcoming couples and their dogs for Treseren weddings. Over the years, we have witnessed everything from those with a special place front row at the ceremony, to dogs as ring bearers (although this has sometimes proved tricky!). One thing is for sure, there have been some lovely moments captured by photographers of beloved dogs attending this most special of days.


We are very proud to be a dog friendly wedding venue and offer this option to our couples, because we know how much this means to those with a much-loved dog.


‘Benji is such a big part of our lives, he’s there with us for everything and comes everywhere with us so we couldn’t have imagined the day without him. He’s part of the family and all our friends and family adore him. Benji had a very special job on the day as he was our ring bearer. He did a brilliant job and we treasure that memory and photos from that moment. Particularly the one where he’s still with my friend during the ceremony and he seems to look so excited to hear his cue. We also love the fact that he is in our group photo with all our loved ones!’ – Kati, 2022 Treseren Bride


Why a small wedding venue is perfect for a dog friendly experience

We specialise in small weddings at Treseren, and whether it is just the two of you choosing an elopement wedding, or you are gathering those closest to you to celebrate your day, the numbers will not be overwhelming for your dog. For nervous pooches, or on the flip side, for those that get over-excited, having a smaller number of guests means their presence at the wedding can be woven into the day without too much pressure. Small weddings are by their very nature more relaxed affairs than weddings with a large number of guests, and it is likely with close friends and family attending, that most will know your dog ahead of the day. This of course helps both dogs and guests feel comfortable.


‘We didn’t once feel like we had to worry about Benji during our Treseren wedding. He is such a well-behaved dog so we knew he would be fine, even though he did try to sneak into the kitchen a couple of times! It was so wonderful that Benji was able to just stroll around in the house and garden, enjoying the entire day with us from start to finish. A larger venue and number of guests would’ve been rather overwhelming and possibly a little stressful for him. We would’ve also automatically worried more about him and his whereabouts. It was so easy to keep an eye on him at Treseren.’ – Kati, 2022 Treseren Bride

Making sure your dog feels at home on your wedding day

We are lucky with our location. Treseren is situated in a rural spot with two acres of gorgeous gardens to explore, countryside on our doorstep and the North Cornwall coast and beautiful beaches just ten minutes away, allowing dogs to be able to have wonderful outside space. Inside, we often find them making themselves at home stretched out on a rug in front of a fireplace, making our dog friendly weddings picture perfect!

Molly and Stephen eloped to Treseren just before Christmas 2022 just the two of them, with their beloved greyhounds Nellie and Easter. Finding a dog friendly wedding venue was high on their list of priorities, and we were so happy to help make their day and stay special for them all. Part of Emma’s job co-ordinating on the wedding day was to set a beautiful scene in front of the fireplace in our Drawing Room with florals, lanterns and candles, as well as beds and velvet blankets for Nellie and Easter where they were settled just ahead of the ceremony. As it was a Christmas wedding, Molly had bought Nellie and Easter named stockings to hang with holly and the whole scene looked beautiful and festive, with all the special personal touches. Witnessing the wedding was very special with these two graceful hounds as part of the scene. It was wonderful Nellie and Easter felt so at home at Treseren and that Molly and Stephen enjoyed their elopement wedding at Treseren so much. Their lovely words in our guest book summed up their experience – and we loved the dog paws as signatures!

‘Thank you for helping make our very last minute runaway elopement to Cornwall so magical. We have had the most amazing few days and will never forget your hospitality, warmth and generosity of spirit. We are also particularly grateful for the love and kindness you showed our beloved greyhounds, Easter and Nellie. That they were able to join us on our special day (and in reality steal the show…) made it all the more memorable.’ – Molly and Stephen, 2022 Couple


Looking after your dog on your wedding day

Sometimes there is time for one, or both of our couple to walk their dog on their wedding day. Others feel they are a little busy for this responsibility on their big day and assign a trusted family member or friend to take their dog on a walk and look after them through the ceremony.

‘We asked a couple of our guests to be our wedding day dog nannies. We had my sister and our best friends share the job. This very much helped us in the sense that we didn’t have to think about food and water top ups for him. There was also a treat bag nearby at all times and all our guests including our wedding photographer and Treseren team kept Benji entertained and safe.’ – Kati, 2022 Treseren Bride

If you would like more support, we can recommend a number of options to ensure your dog is cared for on your wedding day. Sarah at Wedding Day Dog Nanny offers a variety of services for your pooch and is an expert at providing bespoke wedding day dog care at the wedding venue. Local dog walker Beth is located a few miles from Treseren, this is a great option if you would like your dog to be picked up from the venue to go on a walking adventure. Some couples choose to have their dog brought back for photos after the ceremony and some very much want their dog to be there and part of the ceremony itself / present and watching! If you feel that is too much and your day would be less pressured if they are not there for the main event, there is also the option for overnight stays as Beth is a registered dog boarder.

‘Sarah was amazing looking after our dog during our wedding. We experienced great communication from the moment we first inquired and found Sarah to be extremely reliable, helping reduce any potential stress on the day. She was great with our dog who had a really nice time with her and she even brought him to see us after our ceremony. Sarah really knows what she is doing and this was obvious as soon as she arrived on the day. 5 stars all day long, we would absolutely recommend Sarah for any weddings where dog care is required.’ – Patrick and Chantelle, 2022 Treseren Couple

Of course, you will know what is right for you and your dog, and we will be there to support you in every way we can on the planning journey and on the wedding day itself.


Special, locally made treats for your dog at our dog friendly wedding venue

Our Treseren welcome with homemade cake and tea and coffee has become a much-loved part of the Treseren wedding experience, as our couples and their guests settle in for their stay. We do not want beloved dogs accompanying the wedding party to feel left out, so for 2023, we have linked up with local Cornish company, Seadog Cornwall to source some locally made dog biscuits. These are in a jar for you to help yourselves and give your dogs a special treat and reward for being good on the journey, as they settle into their new accommodation. Treats are also available on the wedding day! Part of our ethos at Treseren is to support and work with local companies and we were very excited to discover Seadog Cornwall who make the biscuits just up the road at our local beach, Crantock and their handmade dog biscuits are made using entirely natural ingredients. They are always a hit with our own dog and chief taste tester, Acer!




Q: Are you a dog friendly wedding venue?

A: Yes! At Treseren we share lots of lovely photos and messages on our social media and the option to bring your dog features in our wedding brochure, but we still get asked the question, so we hope this blog post will be helpful to show how dog-friendly we are as a wedding venue.

Q: How many dogs do you allow for a wedding day?

A: We offer a two or three night stay to enjoy around your wedding and up to two well-behaved dogs can join and stay with you at the house and enjoy the wedding day with you.

Q: Do you have any restrictions about where our dogs can stay?

A: We ask that you bring their bed or crate, and dogs can stay in your preferred room on the ground floor, or if they are used to being with you at night, we do allow them in bedrooms. We want both you and your dogs to have a comfortable and relaxing stay. We just ask they do not jump up on the furniture or beds.

Q: Where shall we feed our dogs on the wedding day?

A: The main kitchen is always busy in the preparation and creation of food for your stay by the Treseren team and visiting chefs, so we ask our couples to prepare food for their dogs in the kitchen assigned to our guests, upstairs in Skye Cottage, attached to the main house. Dogs can be fed in Skye Cottage, or alternatively we can set up a feeding and water station on the ground floor in the main house.

Q: Can you recommend good dog walks near to the wedding venue?

A: We have so many recommendations for great walks near Treseren, that we could not fit them all onto this page! We are going to be posting up some lovely ideas in a separate blog post soon.


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