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A Round up of 2020 | Looking Forward to Weddings at Treseren in 2021

By 27 December 2020 No Comments
Bride and Groom outside small Georgian wedding venue in Cornwall

The topsy-turvy journey of 2020

It has been quite a year! As we look back, we share everybody’s reflections that most of what they had been planning this time last year for 2020 took a massive shift, or perhaps didn’t happen at all.

We were so looking forward to helping our couples celebrate their marriage, we had so many lovely weddings booked in for 2020 and we had got to know so many of you on viewings and calls. Then March 2020 hit and in a flash, plans began to unravel and the excitement for spring and summer weddings came crashing down around us. It is a script we now all know so well, but could never have predicted that weddings, along with so many other things in life that we value, would become precarious and beyond reach.

We know this year has been incredibly tough for so many people in so many different ways and along with the rest of the country we have clapped for the NHS and admired the strength, commitment and resilience of so many. Whilst we are not key workers, and weddings cannot be seen in the context of the extreme challenges faced by the country this year, we know through listening and talking to our couples and those whose plans were disrupted, that weddings are key life events and mean so much.

We have stood with our couples to face it all and worked with every one affected by lockdown to ensure that despite the postponements, their day will come and when it does, it will be full of the joy and wonderful elements originally planned.

Postponed Weddings

We have already held some of those postponed weddings this autumn, and we were so happy to be able to help those who just wanted to get married as soon as possible. We have had fun, laughter, joy and immense relief that the day came and the wedding took place. In some cases there were shifts in guidelines to accommodate, but despite the challenges, our couples celebrated in style and had the day they wanted. Thank you to Michael and Shalini, Victoria and Wasyl, and Mark and Tanya for working with us with patience and determination to create their brilliant wedding days on their postponed dates.

New Weddings at Treseren and last minute arrangements

As well as some postponed weddings, we helped couples who had booked larger venues with bigger numbers to pivot their plans so they could just get married. So many people did not want to deal with the unknown, waiting for the time a large wedding may be allowed and instead created a small wedding at Treseren with their closest family and friends. From Roisin and Adam who should have married with 160 guests, and came to Treseren with just their parents, to Tom and Meg who planned for a big wedding but ended up with four close friends for the weekend, so many couples who had never even considered a small wedding, told us they had the time of their lives and would not change a thing about the day that had not originally been planned or intended. We love that they loved their wedding at Treseren so much.

We hosted weddings for those who had got engaged in lockdown, who re-assessed where they were in their lives and decided to just go for it! James and Amy held their wedding at Treseren in August having managed to book with us and the Registrars 29 days before their wedding (one day ahead of the 28 day legal notice period!) They came with just their two boys and stayed for a few days for family and holiday time.

A big thank you to our couples, our team and all of our suppliers

From our hearts, thank you for your patience as we scrutinised endless rule changes, made ourselves Covid-safe and navigated last minute bookings. Thank you to Cornwall Registration service, who like us somehow managed to keep up with the changing landscape of multiple weddings. Thank you to our team who stepped in at short notice to make the house sparkle and ensure incredibly high standards of Covid-safe cleanliness and service. Thanks to our suppliers who made everything possible and stepped in to help with last minute bookings to create beautiful weddings for our couples.

Everything came together. We laughed, we opened champagne and we celebrated with people, albeit at a two metre distance. Treseren came back to life after months of quiet in lockdown and we absolutely loved it. We have felt honoured to be part of so many couples’ journeys and incredibly humbled by personal stories and struggles. It has felt at times like a battle with adversity and we are so glad that in so many cases, love won.

Lockdown Projects

With two enforced closures, we decided not to sit still but use the time to create new and wonderful features at Treseren. In lockdown 1.0, we cleared an overgrown area of the garden and created our new organic play area.

In lockdown 2.0 we turned our attention to the interior, replacing the carpet on the stairs with an elegant new stair runner, re-painting the hallway at the same time.

And even more exciting, we created our brand new cocktail bar, Loveday’s. Clearing our old store room, we opened up and re-decorated the space from a blank canvas of white walls to a glamorous interior inspired by vintage finds and a Great Gatsby vibe. As those of you who followed the project on our social media will know, we even created a gold ceiling as voted for by 95% of our followers.

decadent cocktail bar in small wedding venue with vintage furniture and gold ceiling

Yes it has been quite a rollercoaster of year. It has not been what we expected, but the unexpected has presented joyful surprises as well as disappointment and challenges. It has been tough, but there have undoubtedly been so many good moments too. We know it has been devastating for so many of our couples who were looking forward to their special day only to find it had to be postponed. We hope that our new additions to Treseren will go some way to being a silver lining for our postponed weddings taking place next year.

2021 weddings at Treseren

Of course we do not have a crystal ball, but as we sit here today with the news of the vaccine and the roll out of the vaccination programme, we very much hope that next year’s weddings will take place with less and less restriction and without the threat of lockdown and postponement. A return to ‘normality’ in all things, not just weddings means so much to everybody.

What we do know is that as well as being Covid-safe for as long as is needed, we are and always will be, focused on creating wonderful weddings full of joy.

If you are booked with us in 2021, we cannot wait to welcome you and celebrate with you at Treseren.

A Very Happy New Year!

With Love,

Emma, Paul and the team at Treseren xxx



Passionate about design and the great outdoors, Emma enjoys walking the coastal path and beach trips with the family.
She is the founder of Treseren and loves hosting our Intimate Weddings and special events.